Project Finance Services

First Solid Capital. provides all project-finance services as an alternative or in addition to an internal „project-finance department“.

Depending on the industry sector which a company is active in, the size of a company and a special focus a company may have, the spectrum of internal project finance departments and the challenges for the team members may vary significantly. Very often, the market environment in which a company has been active for many years is the limiting factor for a project-finance-teams skills, know-how and experience.

Advantage of partial or full out-sourcing of a pf-department to First Solid Capital.

  • Access to a broad spectrum of skills, know-how and experience
  • Access to all levels of professionals from junior to senior
  • Hourly, weekly or monthly payment for a defined scope of work
  • Easier control of results (e.g. no payment in case of results not satisfactory)
  • Access to a broad base of international investors and lenders
  • Access to senior know-how, long-term and relating to sectors and products and negotiation skills regarding financing and security contracts
  • Access to educational and training services for internal staff