Joachim Mueller

Joachim M├╝ller (Founder and Senior Partner)

  • Joachim has more than 27 years of international management experience in the financing, project development, M&A and restructuring business.
  • He has worked 12 years for a German Private Bank and headed the credit department in his last position.
  • Joachim was Managing Director of a Financial Service Company for 3 years which purchased leasing portfolios and placed these receivables in form of Asset-Backed-Securities on the capital market.
  • As Managing Director of an international Project Company he has over 11 years developed profound know-how in different renewable energy technologies and was responsible for the development, project financing and realization especially of wind and photovoltaic projects. He successfully established several subsidiaries in new countries (mainly in Asia and in the South of Europe) and over 500 MW of Solar-, Wind- and Bio-Projects in 7 different countries have been realized under his

  • He has developed a growth strategy for a leading manufacturer and supplier of biofuels in Europe and┬ábeside other deals he has sold a Combined Heat and Power production company to the Vaillant group.
  • He is skilled to provide profound expert knowledge in the full development cycle to realize and finance projects of different technologies and sectors, in the restructuring of companies and in the
    M&A business.